Effects of Testosterone Treatment in Older Men

Testosterone is one of the major hormones in the body that serves various functions. Some of them include sex drive, energy levels, muscle mass, strength, bone density and sperm production. Testosterone replacement therapy is used when an individual’s level of testosterone is lower than normal, which can cause various health issues.
Testosterone levels can be checked through a standard blood test. Normal levels can vary significantly, usually from 348 to 1197 ng/dl, depending on the age, diet, history of illness and lifestyle factors of the individual. However, no matter how healthy a man is, his testosterone levels will begin to drop from his late 30s onwards, usually by 1 percent each year. So let’s explore some ways to alleviate this issue, and find out what are the effects of testosterone treatment in older men and others who might need it.

Best Testosterone Treatment Options

There are several options for treating low testosterone. Some of them might be covered by your health insurance, and advised by a doctor. There are however many people who treat this condition on their own. The most common and safe ways to do it are:
Testosterone injections – These are essentially steroids that are taken by some bodybuilders and professional athletes. There are short and long lasting ones, which means that some, such as “testosterone ethentate” are injected every second or third day, whereas “testosterone depo” is injected once a week. These are deep muscle injections, and the most common place to inject is the gluteus muscle due to the reduced blood-flow in the region. Some people can administer the injection to themselves, whereas others recommend asking for help from a healthcare professional. Either way, it is extremely important not to inject the testosterone into a vain, as that can result in serious complications.
Gels or patches – With gels and patches testosterone is administered through the skin into the bloodstream, which is a less painful option than getting an injection. The downside is that this treatment generally costs more and has to be administered daily.
Tablets – There are also tablets that stick to the gums, called buccal medications. These are placed between the gums and the upper lip, and the solution is dissolved by the saliva and sent into the bloodstream.
Pills – It is possible to take testosterone in a pill form. The most common oral testosterone pills are Dianabol and Winstrol. Dianabol has to be taken every 3 or 4 hours, and Winstrol has to be taken 2 times daily. The dosage depends on the individual’s needs. However, the pills are not the best way to go about it, especially because they can be very taxing on the liver and kidneys. Dianabol can also cause the formation of gynecomastia in some people due to the increase of estrogen. This can be tackled by taking an anti-estrogen drug such as Nolvadex, but this type of treatment is generally not recommended.

The Effects

The effects of testosterone treatment in older men can be astonishing. Many men feel younger and their sex drive returns to normal. The energy levels, strength, and muscle mass also increase, and can mimick the results they had in their youth. It can also help with conditions such as osteoporosis, as testosterone is very important for bone density and health.
The possible risks involved usually come from taking bad, unregulated testosterone floating in the illegal market. It’s important to find a professional laboratory that produces clean and safe products. Also, it is advised to get a regular health check up in order to not aggravate a health issue due by taking in additional hormones. This is especially true with kidney, liver and heart conditions.


Effects of testosterone treatment in older men can be astonishing. There are plenty of options and low testosterone therapies are often covered by health insurance. There is no need to suffer when we have the ability to grow old feeling healthy and youthful.