Reason for Low Libido in Males

Libido is simply described as sexual desire. Libido varies considerably in men. Most men are in the average or normal range; there are those with extremely low sex drives while there are those who are very addicted to sex and want to have it every hour of every day. However, it is natural for men to have minor fluctuations in their sex drive and performance.

Information regarding the number of men with low libido is hard to obtain because men just don’t self-report. Males are by nature selfish and proud. Low libido is seen as a weakness and therefore not advertised. It becomes hard to track and assist such unreported cases. The female partners report some cases out of a sexual frustration of not being satisfied by the men.

Some of the reasons males experience low libidos are:

Aging: When men grow older, their testosterone levels slowly drop, conversely a lowered testosterone leads to a lesser desire to have sex.

Stress: An indirect relationship exists between emotional stress and sexual desire.

A fundamental lack of closeness with the partner. Sex is more than the physical act. It requires emotional attachment to the partner and when this is lacking, the desire to have sex decreases. Harmful habits like fighting and arguing may create distance between partners. In addition, trust issues, betrayal and poor communication between partners can also cause the man’s sex drive to go down

Drug use and alcohol: Alcohol is known to reduce necessary inhibitions, sexual desire and performance. Alcoholics, however, may have turned to the habit due to other reasons. Professional help may be required to assist the man quit drinking. Drug addiction also works in the same manner by turning the effort-reward system in us upside down. The things that used to give you joy no longer do.

Lack of sleep. Sleeping helps, us rest and rejuvenate our bodies. When you do not sleep enough or appropriately, your body does not get its needed rest. The performance of most activities reduces including the desire to have sex.

Kids. To have children is the surest way to a reduced sex drive. In this case, the reduction in desire for sex affects both women and men. There is the fact that kids require a lot of attention from us. Parenting is exhausting both physically and emotionally leaving the partners too drained to have sex.

Prescription medication. Some medicines have a side effect of lowering the sex drive. It is advisable to consult with your physician to see if there is an alternative medication that does not have such results as decreased libido.

Depression and low self-esteem. A positive healthy and self-loving body image is good for sex. When you are depressed, you do not feel positive, and you become incapable of seeing well in yourself thus affecting your sex drive. As does a poor body image of oneself.

There are many reasons as to why men experience significantly less sexual desire and drive. Some of them can be self-managed while others require intervention by qualified personnel. Whatever seems to be affecting your libido, it is worth getting it checked out. Go back to the normal way of having great satisfactory sex with your partner. You know you both deserve it!

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